Taxi Tips for Tourists in San Francisco Bay Area.

When touching down at San Francisco Bay Area airports, the first challenge for most tourists is actually just getting to South Bay Area. After a long flight, who wants to worry about really getting “taken for a ride” by a swindling cabby? Fear not, visitors. Airport Taxi Cab Services is just minutes away.

One rule of thumb: never get in a car with someone who is soliciting at the terminal. This is illegal, and many of these “gypsy cabs” (as we natives call them) are unlicensed/uninsured and can end up charging a higher rate than originally quoted.

Here are some reliable and easy ways to get to San Francisco or Silicon Valley from SFO airport:

1. Save 65% by booking advance: from SFO to Mountain View, getting taxi from SFO cost for $110*,  where as when you make a reservation up front can save you as much as $35. With reservation this trip will cost you $75*. This fare covers up to 4 passengers and brings you to one destination. From SFO, these are approximate metered fares, and prices vary depending on which part of Mountain View you are going to. Taxi stands are easy to find and typically located outside each terminal. All you have to do is make a reservation and follow airport pick up procedure.

2. No Child Seats by the taxis at SFO, unless you book before. Taxis do not carry baby seats at SFO airport. They will lie to you its fine, no one cares, but in reality if you get pulled over by a cop, the parents get ticket and they will have to attend the class. Moreover its a safety of child. You can reserve a car online with a child seat prior to your trip and call the taxi company upon arrival. After you collect luggage, the driver will come to pick you up in 15 minutes. Check out the type of baby seat you need to book

3. Extra baggage? Book a minivan:  More than 80% of the cabs in San Francisco are eco friendly, small and compact prius taxis. If you are traveling with family. There is no way, you can fit all of your luggage in a minivan. To be safe, you can book minivan taxis from SFO airport for additional $10, which can fit upto 6 people and 6 checkin bags, or 4 people upto 10 bags. Most of minivans in taxi companies are Toyota Sienna, Ford Windstar. You can google that to see if you luggage will fit in those cars. Remember to book in advance as minivans are very high in demand and hard to find at last minute.

4. Book Round trip with one confirmation, Airport Taxi Cab Services gives you the facility of booking round trip under one confirmation, you do not have to worry about flight status as we track the the flights, all you have to do is call us as soon as you touch down, taxis with child seats can take from 5 to 15 minutes.

5. Those feeling more intrepid (and cost conscious) can take the Caltrain and transfer to Sunnyvale, which will cost less than $10 total. The site estimates a trip to Sunnyvale train station will take upto 60 minutes — but be prepared to wait for Caltrain (especially during off-peak hours).

6. To SFO, Students can get students discount going from Stanford to SFO or SFO to San Jose State (SJSU), mention code: STUDENTATC15** where you can get upto 20% off on your ride depending of the location you are going. You must be student of Stanford or SJSU and must have valid student ID, else you won’t get the discount.

7. Deals of the Month: Airport Taxi Cab SFO SJC OAK offers you deal of the month from various parts of San Francisco Bay Area. You can check our special pricing from San Francisco, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Berkeley, Stanford, Tracy, Milpitas, Santa Cruz, Sacramento and many more. Limited Terms and Conditions apply.

* The fare is approximate

** The discount is applicable on advance bookings and not valid with other coupons or flat rates.

How to save more than 65% from SFO airport taxi service

When you are visiting San Francisco Bay Area, sometimes you don’t even plan for hidden charges or fares.  Traveling beyond 15 miles from SFO can cost you 50% more on the taxi fare. For example: Taxi Services from SFO Airport to Sunnyvale can cost you $140-150. Where as choosing a taxi service from another company will cost you b/w $85 – $100.

Here is the simple fare comparison:

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Mountain View to San Francisco Airport

Need a taxi ride from Mountain View to SFO Airport?

Airport Taxi Cab Services can provide you the best deal in Mountain View Area.

Meter fare will be $85+ but we have special discounted rates. Check out deal of the month for the most discounted rates in taxi service for airports.

Taxi Drivers Jobs Special Offers: Leasing Taxicabs in San Francisco Bay Area

If you are experienced, reliable, and safe cab driver in San Francisco Bay Area. Airport Taxi Cab is the right place for you. Bring your own car and pay as low as $150 per week to drive for Airport Taxi Cab in Redwood Shores, San Carlos, San Mateo, Foster City, Menlo Park, Stanford, East Palo Alto. Cupertino, Los Altos, Saratoga and Los Gatos.

Drive company car for b/w $300-400 per week based on your record.


  • Minimum 23 years old
  • 3 year clean driving record
  • Able to pass drug and background check
  • We will check your criminal record
  • Able to use GPS and CC Machines
  • Able to provide two references

Apply today at:

San Francisco Airport Shuttle and Taxi Comparison

You are looking to visit San Francisco Airport and confuse b/w taking shuttle service or taxi service. In each country there could be same or different rules for taking shuttles and taxis.

Here is the comparison b/w SFO Airport Shuttle and SFO Airport Taxi Services Continue reading

What to do when you lose a receipt in SFO taxi?

When you travel to airport, sleeping early, getting up early.. taxi arrives on time.. reach the airport .. you pay to the cab driver .. then you take the flight.. everything goes smooth like butter.. but suddenly you remember.. oh! i forgot to get a receipt. Now you have to call the taxi company, tell them to mail out the receipt to your address. You don’t even know if they will do it or not.

Not anymore! Feel free to use Airport Taxi Cab Services to and from SFO, SJC, OAK.

Pay via Squareup, and a get e-receipt.. if you forgot to get e-receipt then fill out the form..

1st receipt is free of cost.

No tension, No worries.. when you use Airport Taxi Cab Services dispatch service.

5 reasons to use Airport Taxi Cab Services in San Francisco

Visiting San Francisco Bay Area? Confused about taxi fares? Don’t know who to call, where to contact urself?

Then your choice should be Airport Taxi Cab Services.

  1. Cleaner taxis in comparison to taxis that park at SFO airport
  2. Baby Seat and Child Seats available, The taxis at SFO, SJC, OAK, SEC do not carry the baby seats. You are require to make a reservation with outer company
  3. 5 Seater, 7 Seater, 2 seater Eco-friendly cars available on request only
  4. Accepts all major credit cards instant swipe, instant e-receipt
  5. Accepts easy online reservation without any credit card needed

Check out the website for more details: